Moments Together
Community Toolkit

Moments Together
Community Toolkit

About the Toolkit:

The Moments Together Community Toolkit is meant for you! Moments Together is here to spread awareness about the early childhood tips and resources available for New Mexico families. As a collaborative bilingual campaign we strive to help families and caregivers give their children a great start in life. You can use this kit to share resources from Moments Together with your community.

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A guide for sharing Moments Together with your community

With your partnership, we can help families make the most of their time with their little ones and set their children up for healthy brain development and lifelong success.

How does Moments Together support New Mexico families?

  • Moments Together supports New Mexico families with tips and resources to help give little ones the best start in life. It makes getting information easy! 
  • Moments Together shares free programs—like child care assistance, home visiting, and FIT—that support the health and growth of New Mexico families.
  • Moments Together also shares early learning recommendations from trusted experts, and a step-by-step guide for creating play-time learning opportunities.

Ways to share Moments Together:

Looking for ways to share tips and resources with your community? We’ve put together a slide deck you can use during presentations or workshops. You can also:

    • Visit to learn more about the campaign and find resources for families. 
    • Download the Step-by-Step guide, which provides simple tips to make every moment a learning experience. 
    • Learn about free child care and other early childhood care services on the Child Care page.
    • Visit the Get Support page to find out about more free services for New Mexico families, like home visiting and the Family Infant Toddler program (FIT). 
    • Visit Youtube to find a multilingual video playlist of tutorials that help families apply for free State programs and resources.
    • Check out the community toolkit media library to explore shareable resources like brochures, social media graphics, and printables. 
    • Sign up for Bright by Text, a free texting service that sends tips and resources for families straight to your phone. Sign up by texting “Play” to 274-448.
    Find additional support and early learning recommendations through the Moments Together blog.

    Share on Social Media

    Moments Together conducts outreach to families via social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. When you reshare Moments Together posts on your business or personal social media accounts, you activate your network of colleagues and families to spread the word! 

    You can share from the ECECD Facebook or Twitter or post your own using the links below!

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