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Just Who is Alax, Anyway?

Valerie Holloway
Updated on April 26, 2023

Just Who is Alax, Anyway?

We Sat Down for a Heart-to-Heart with New Mexico’s recently arrived Intergalactic Ambassador of Care, Alax

Maybe you’ve seen Alax reading stories with state legislators, or hanging out with Early Childhood Education and Care Secretary Elizabeth Groginsky. Or maybe you’ve caught Alax on PBS, on KRQE’s New Mexico Living, or on Alax’s own show The Early Show with Alax — an unparallelled alien-hosted program focused on early childhood care and education. Or maybe you’re thinking, ‘Who the heck is Alax?’ We all ask that question at one time or another… 

Well, we sat down with Alax to learn more about why this intergalactic friend is here and what’s in store next.  

Q: Alax, what made you decide to come to Earth? 
A: Well, Earth is home to humans, and you’re a most fascinating species! It’s my mission to travel throughout the universe as an ambassador of care, and New Mexico has been doing some incredibly caring things lately! So I HAD to visit!

Q: What is it about the littlest humans that interests you so much? 
A: On my home planet, we emerge fully grown… but you humans are very different. I’m fascinated by how you grow and change… little humans start out so tiny and then grow really fast. Did you know they can’t even talk at first? Or walk? Or teleport? It’s amazing how much they learn in just a few short years.

Q: Why did you settle on New Mexico as the site for your show? 
A: New Mexico seems to care a lot about its littlest humans, and there are lots of expert guests here for me to talk to. So far, I’ve learned about programs for families like home visiting and FIT. It seems like there’s a lot of help for families caring for young humans! Also, I have family that likes to visit Roswell now and again. It’s nice to be near family. 

Q: You’ve called yourself an Ambassador of Care. What do you mean by that?
A: I’m an ambassador in a few ways! I come from my planet to connect with Earthlings. And I’m also an ambassador to the families of New Mexico through my show. By sharing everything I learn from my expert guests, I can connect with families all over New Mexico who are raising small humans and maybe the questions I have are questions they have, too.

Q: I noticed one of your guests on the Feelings episode was a puppet named Norman. How do you feel about working with puppets? 
A: I don’t know what you mean… next question please. 

Q: Are you going to stay with us and make more episodes?
A: Yes! I’m getting ready now for at least two more episodes, and I hope my fans will help me get the word out … please share the videos and don’t forget to like and subscribe